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  • Bishop ·
    sorry to say it but the wagons gone, wish you would have pm'ed me directly! i would have held on to it.
    blackd16hatch ·
    got sohc zc from hmotorsonline, they were ver nice, and knew all of the answers. I would reccomend them to anyone. If everything goes well after I my preorder arrives. So far though except having to wait. hmotorsonline is a great company and priced to good to be true with the sohc nonvtec. once you start looking at type r's though can get pricey. should have got type r, but didn't want to mess with swap, im ready to bolt in and go
    blackd16hatch ·
    I didn't rebuilt d16y7 case I slung rod through the block.found a block bored, micro polished crank, cp pistons, eagle rods.but i would have had to get bearings, gaskets, rings,ect.found other short blocks, but I decided honda does a great job, better than i could, of assembleing and these low mileage zc motors might last longer than my rebuild.i could have saved very little with rebuild after paying for another block.
    could have found good used cheap short block i would have just honed out cylinder walls and microploished crank and rebuilt. am going to just for fun buy a used y7 block and assuming my old head is still good, reuild both the head and it better to not bore these engines? I mean to bore or not to bore?
    WeLLz ·
    thanks .......... in all honesty .... i really wanted to see the for sale forums so i could buy cheap used parts for my winter build... but u need 65 plus posts
    VTi-EK3 ·
    and like i said i dont care about rep so, in fact i hope everyone give me negitive rep then i can be the most hated honda person here add to my neg i wonder how much i can get. thanx for your neg rep.
    save a civic ·
    Saveacivic Motorsports is my shop. It's a smaller operation, but I just started working on my new building and will be re-opening in March. I am in McMinnville now, moving it to Lafayette to be a little closer to Salem (where most of my business comes from).
    slusherk ·
    im from Portland. if you ride, id suggest checking out the flat track races there. you might dig it. some beautiful, custom bikes that come through! season starts back up in April i believe. let me know and ill keep you posted on dates..
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