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    yeah that sounds super busy bro damn and good shit on getting that house thats always good to have. so your cars all swapped?
    JaredKaragen ·
    Oah thank god!

    That last ep3 took for days :). At least he was N/A so I didn't have to take two days on it :)

    U got a hookup on a b hydro trans? I put a forum post about it... I've found a few but woul rather give $$$ to a known person than a random CL dude
    JaredKaragen ·

    For sure ill tune it :). I've got u covered on that one for sure. Did an 09 civic si recently.

    U goin kpro or flashpro? Flashpro you gotta pull over and shut down to upload changes FYI... Takes days! Lol
    JaredKaragen ·
    actually; i had a VTEC-E set.. it fit and i installed it. if u have a #5 for a Z6 dizzy I could use one.... cause my dizzy doesnt line up at all anymore =)
    JaredKaragen ·
    Hey sammo; have you ever used VTEC-e LMA mounts on a regular VTEC setup? Do the spring bars get in the way at all? My valvecover bolt holes are stripped is why, and I have a set from a VTEC e head.
    Cali Noob ·
    Was watching Mythbusters last night, they did a bit where they tested the impact of falling great distance and hitting water vs. concrete by dropping a pig in a body bag out of a helicopter...anyways, they did it at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton, they were just on the other side of the restrooms from where we had our bbq meet.

    Reminded me that we should do it again at some point...
    Egwhite ·
    *posted this on my wall on accident lol

    Yea he believes me now lol still doesnt change that he wants to park his car in there too. Which I understand I mean it is his house.

    Exactly. When i was looking for a place it was no garage no dice. Can I work on my car in there? no? no dice lol & i was on a time crunch ha.

    Atleast this time I got it back soon and only my wheels were gone. It was beat up a lil but whateve it was getting repainted anyway.
    Egwhite ·
    Nah the rex is in storage until I get the sedan running. I would put both in there but my roomate parks his new soob in there. Thats why my CRX saw the street all the sudden cuz he bought a new car. I even told him its gonna get stolen if I park it on the street but you know how people are who arent into cars they think youre out of your mind until it happens.

    Lucky for me I have everything I need to finish the sedan & the crx will take its spot.
    Egwhite ·
    "Rep back Man, I wished I had the time to just redo my car...lucky bastard. LOL"

    hahah. yea it blows & im sick now on top of it & cant drive my rex cuz id have to park it on the street again. & we know what happened just 3 weeks ago
    leemo559 ·
    hey sammo sucks u couldnt make it ...hope all is well wit you n fam....hopefully i can see u at next event...
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