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  • tactical.giraffe ·
    hey dude i just built the exact same build as you with the only difference being a y8 head and 13.8:1 compression, im having troubles with my tune, would you mind if i got a copy of yours to use as a base? (my y8 head will need diff ignition timing)
    s_18 ·
    Hi curlybandit, it is nice to hear someone gets inspired by what I've done. Track days are indeed addicting!
    Regarding the rack, it really is a direct swap, except for perhaps the power steering hoses (that I don't know).
    curlybandit ·
    Hi. I've been following you build and have enjoyed watching your track videos. Your Civic is an inspiration and something I'm aspiring towards. I recently went to my first Time-Attack event and am happily addicted. I do have a technical question I was hoping you could help me with. I need to replace my power steering rack and pinion. I see you swapped in an ITR assembly. Was this a relatively direct swap or was modification needed? I have a '96 EK and imagine the steering assembly would be very similar to your EG. Thanks.
    edgar_rmsv ·
    Hi, How Are You? I'll Hope that all is fine. Before I want to congratulations for the Project by Honda Civic Ej1, I saw in the forum Civic with the next theme: Civic EJ2.1 Build project (It's ALIVE!). My name is Edgar, I'm from El Salvador in Central America.

    I have some questions, first what type of paint use for your car. See Good, the shine and the quality (y) is a ten in qualifications. The another question is where buy the original parts for your Honda. Actually I'm working with my EJ1 1994(Restore Project), is the same car that you have. with the difference that the paint no is good.
    cracklingice ·
    Hey, I've been digging through p29 theads on the site and saw a post saying that you run them in your z6. Exactly what I was thinking of doing. You also said you run a stage 2 cam as I was thinking of doing, but thought I would have problems with pistion/valve interference with that agressive of a cam. If you feel like shooting me over some info or know of a knowledge collection on the piston it would be greatly appreciated. Also since this is a very common setup, I figured that someone would have an ecu program for it that you could just socket your ecu and run from there. Know of any?
    LoSt GhoSt ·
    Hey S. Can I get the full res picture of that S2000? It just for personal use. I can give credit if I use it in anything.
    TheFlyingD ·
    whats up man ive been thinking about scrapin my pos coilovers for the koni and since youve got them i was hoping to could tell me how the ride is? also why did you put the ITR steering rack
    mecateknic ·
    hi ...can i asked you something ?
    i'm from portugal and i'm seing your car and i'm doing the same thing
    but here the materials are way expensive i much it cost the crowder stage 3 cam? please if you can responde would be an honor to me to speac to you

    my mail is m
    [email protected]

    s_18 ·
    Hi, that's cool. Quite a few people went to "the land of opportunities", and few came back :)
    I want to go to the US some day, on a vacation. We'll see, won't be the first coming years...
    Andy2000HB ·
    Thought I'd stop in and say hi. I'm part norwegian myself. My great grandparents on my mom's side immigrated to Wisconsin from norway quite some time ago. Thanks for the rep!
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