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  • Kelmo ·
    I got a d15b7 p20 trans, it's a DD and I want to get up to 160-180 hp. I know I should go turbo, but don't know which one or where to get one. I don't plan to go any higher atleast for couple yrs or so. I think I should get a si trans but don't know what model Honda to get it out of. Any help would be great!!! ^_^ btw could u let me know any other bolt ons or mantenance I should do.
    79hilux90crx ·
    I'm just kind of wondering why there is no more ROTM? I was searching around the forum and never noticed it was there till today. Thanks
    [email protected] ·
    So we have been away racing and now that we are back we see you have been kind to us with the logo. WOndering what the pricing is to advertise a little banner these days. I would have 2 of my guys sign up and do tuning products manifolds etc just parts we make here with a few we stock nothing crazy.

    Also offer dyno days and discounts for the members - with group buys etc. THe name has change to "Whitfield Company" so we would want to change my screen name etc.

    thank you in advance
    [email protected] ·
    Hi Rexinre,
    Thank you so much for your response. I sincerely appreciate your guidance. I just thought maybe if I made a public apology on the Company's behalf; that some of the members would feel heartfelt enough to accept and move forward, as opposed to wholly holding on to a grudge. :( Just want to make peace, that's all. I hope you understand. Patiently awaiting your response... -Hedi
    [email protected] ·
    Hi Rexinre,
    My name is Hedi and I work at Bisimoto. I used to visit this site frequently and kind've been away for a while. Upon my return, I noticed so many bad things on this forum about Bisimoto. I feel really horrible about the way some fo the members on this forum was treated and how they were left feeling upset about us. I wanted to take it upon myself whether it is received well or not to apologize sincerely to EVERYONE on this forum. I just needed your help because I am such a NOOB to know where I can post this so that Everyone whom was affected can read it. I feel horribly upset about the whole situation and was wondering if you can guide me. Thanks again for your time. I hope you are having a great Memorial Holiday. :)
    clay.bell12 ·
    Hey, could you move my alteranate options to subframe brace thread to suspension? thanks and sorry about the extra work
    Black91CRXsi ·
    Hey, can you move my teardown/rebuild thread to the engine building section? I don't know why I put in showcase...Thanks!
    bigbrd911 ·
    Sorry to bother you cause I know you get this a lot, but why does my post count keep getting re-set? If you can fix this I would be happy to go ahead and get the Lifetime Membership! Love the site!
    thevan ·
    sorry to trouble you but i have posted a threaD IN THE FORCED INDUCTION section it sya i have 52 replies but yet i cannot see any on the thread is there something i am doing wrong.
    boxx ·
    it actually got stolen...but check the noob section for me reintroduction... you might get that ear to ear smile
    boxx ·
    Hey rex, hows things been going?
    if you can guess who this is, you win an internet...

    you let me drive your car when i was up in jersey for work... military... tick tock buddy lol
    preludewillie ·
    I cannot view any of the classifieds section. It states I must have a certain amount of posts to start a thread, but is this normal for me not to be able to see it?
    dyno76 ·
    Can you change the title on my thread called my Hondas

    to my 1320 coupe and my DD/SCCA hatch projects!

    thank you
    gpny ·
    I'm pretty sure you sent me a PM 1 or 2 weeks ago, but for some reason, I haven't been able to get it. Could you re-send it? Thanks. Geoff
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