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  • thebeastboostd ·
    hey looking for a price on a bottom end build for my d16z6 with your custom length d series rods, Vitara pistons, ACL size bearings. is all im in need of for my build shipped to 29702 was hoping i could get a package deal. thanks
    caple eg n ek ·
    If I can get a combo deal will take it I have a jdm d16zc doing a build soon need the fjt rods and the ycp vitara pisron please let me kno thanks
    JWilli8200 ·
    Thank you for your quick response. I would like to get alittle more info on the warranty that is offered with the block, and find out about color, or if painting it will void the warranty. Thanks again!
    JWilli8200 ·
    hello, please send me info on a d16 vitara block shipped to 93501. Also what kind of warranty do you offer? And can we order colors? i really am hoping to have a black block to go with the theme of my build. Please let me know and thanks for the awesome support!!!
    eddcartes ·

    a couple mins ago i saw a pic where you show a 2.5" collector mod on a header you were working on for a customer.

    i would like to know how much you charge for that job.


    cxdavid ·
    Looking to rebuild a d15b7 and was told to ask you about a vitara kit. Just wondering on pricing and what's all included.
    mhamrick ·
    Got the turbos today chief. Thanks for the great deal. I know you were questioning what they are and I was right. One is the TD05 14B and the other is TD04H 13C. I am leaving you postitve feedback now. Thanks again.
    auto2manlikeaboss ·
    hey i saw your rods and pistons for d series engines but when trying to go to your site my computer is hating the d series and wont lemme check out your site but i was wondering what the price is on these bad boys and if you have a set for a 95 d16z6 vtec, and if arp head studs are included and i was wondering what the fitment is on these will they go right in a stock engine and do you have any stickers to slap on my baby =]
    a5hatch ·
    Hey there,
    I sent a PM about a catch can to the [email protected] account, just finishing up some details and was about to get a price then they got offline...
    Possible you could forward that on to them/ pm a price for that set up?
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