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  • broski ·
    Hi. Im building a d16y8 turbo setup and have a few questions about your head packages. Does the stage 3 and 4 include a valve job? I will be using all new components in my head including valves so Ill need a VJ for sure. Im looking for 300-350whp, is the port and polish nessasary to reach my goal? Ill be using the bisi 2.4 cam if that matters. Also, how much do you charge to port a new y8 oil pump? Thanks for your time and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
    2drz6 ·
    your pm box if full btw =)

    But alright thanks again ill let you know when i get it out the door, a money order will be in it for the 260. Its 60 for a mill on the head right?
    Twitch ·
    hi there i was refered to you by fellow member danz about a ported y8 oil pump and gimime some kinda deal
    [email protected] ·
    Hey whats going on? I was reading a thread and it seems like u really kno ur stuff, i was wondering if u can do me a favor and help me out with my build? I have a y7 and im on a budget cus im moving next year and want to build a motor and am trying to figure out what i wanna do to the head. I want to keep the y7 and not do a mini me or anything. I am looking to build a all motor car. I read bout the 272 cam and wanna do that and was wondering if u kno a good setup thats affordable for my head as far as valves, valvesprings and retainers? Thanks man
    Hugo Boost ·
    Dustin, I know you have a lot of experience, I have a question:

    Actually my head has 59500 cam and crespo springs/zex retainers, I have been revving the engine till 8500 with no problems.

    Do you think the crespo springs will work good with the Bisi cam???
    xsenceo89x ·
    PM me a price and how long for a race port job for a y8. Im assuming it will need new valve stems too depending on if the person hits em or not.
    Hugo Boost ·
    Dustin, I´m having problems with for valves on my head.

    The two intake valves on piston #1, and the 2 exhaust valves on piston # 4.

    they not close at all, already have one remove and is a little bend, do you recommend me to change all the valves, or just the damaged ones ???

    Any idea what could cause this ??? maybe normal wearing ???
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