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  • yamirider ·
    Hi dude, apologies for the random message. I came across an old forum thread of yours from a few years back in the hunt for a M45 throttle body adapter. I'm currently upgrading a M45 install on one of my motorbikes and am trying to hunt down a cast M45 intake i can adapt for the throttle body i'm using whilst retaining a bypass valve. I picked up on you mentioning (at the time) you had a few bits, if this is still the case, would you have anything like the TB/SC inlet adapter pictured in the thread (link below) or the attached image that you'd be willing to sell. Regards, Pete

    rustyrex ·
    Hey man, was looking to see if you could help me out if you have the files Im looking for since pgmfi is well broken. saw your name on an old pgmfi problem thread on here and thought you'd be the first person to ask.

    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Hey, man. Long time, no speak. I've been MIA for a while. I my absence, I picked up an 88 Prelude si 4WS. I have some questions for you if you're willing to help a brother out. I don't want to rely on forums for my advice / questions.
    RedDragonJRSC ·
    do you by any chance have dimensions or would you be willing to send a JR D16Y7/8 Crank Pulley to me or a pulley manufacturer to have one built? And I will send it back, it seems to be the most difficult part to source and I'm looking to keep my A/C and P/S because it is a DD and weekend Auto X car. you can email me at [email protected] I'd really appreciate the help and it seems you're one of very few people that have one.
    Moss no longer has the specs.
    LoSt GhoSt ·
    Well wtf. Way to make my self look like a fool for my reviewing my shit lol thanks for the link mang. As soon as I get my comp back online ill have to gather all the info. Look into though. I don't even want to respond in that thread again, way to back something up and not have your shit straight lol
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