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  • 88CRXZC ·
    I was wondering on the post for the zc sereis parts and mods where all the parts on the list you made compatible wit any of the generations of the zc series engines because i am currently working on a 88 crx with a zc series motor and not sure which generation it is im thinking that its a 3rd generation fro the pictures and im trying to find and get parts for it
    olegie1 ·
    hi panda, one of the users told me you have info on zc engines could you help me out in finding out about my engine?
    drifter1369 ·
    now i have a quick question i pretty sure i read it correctly but i wanted to ask anyways just to make sure so if i find a flywheel that fits a 90 and up d16 will it fit an 89 zc or not
    Arctedius ·
    Hello, i don't mean to bother you with this pm, but i'm new to the world of engine swaps. I was looking at a DOHC ZC engine on ebay JDM HONDA CIVIC ZC DOHC ENGINE 1.6L 92-95 MOTOR D15 D16 : eBay Motors (item 180470367846 end time Mar-18-10 19:00:55 PDT)

    I have a 93 LX with stock d15b7 engine and stock 5spd transmission. The guy told that his dohc ZC would bolt up to my tranny and be usable with no other parts needed. Is that true? i'm just wondering if that's true or not, will the engine really just bolt right in and hookup plug n play with no issues? I'm worried it wont bolt up to my exhaust or transmission, or my ecu (i believe the d15b7's use p06) won't work with it. Anyways, i'm sorry if i'm bothering you at all. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.
    96EKdowork ·
    hey man could you make me a sweet design for a turbo shirt and on the back of the shirt write "god created turbo lag to give your v8 a chance"

    lol i am being serious btw get back to me
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