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  • momoEG9 ·
    yo this is a flyer for every car the enter the gate tell me what you think about it ..b4 i post it up ..

    (Note) To all driver and guest . prize and vollyball tournaments free cash$$$$

    This is a honda jdm b.b.q meet fun and games and show

    food and drink are free so dont be shy.
    come up and get it if your hurgry dont have other to go get it for you
    becuz you are shy. an state your name and # on you windshield of you car.

    Rule: No mean muggin or lookin at other people wrong
    say what sup to everyone you see. get to know eachother.

    NO burning,loud music,spinning,dritfing,takin off, any thing that loud
    please... dont do it beside an exhust as u driving.
    as u leave please leave quietly thanks you..

    (note) that there will be a cook there cooking all the food for everyone
    please be kindly to put tips in the jar for she or he .

    $$$$Prize$$$$ for the nice lookin jdm honda/acura car.

    Okay... this is how it gonna work..
    As you guys enter the gate park you will have a number# on your windshield.
    The number on ur windshield will be the vote number.the vote is up to you guys.
    one vote per a car. so if i have 200 car that mean i should have 200 vote #
    in a small jar..

    first place: 100$ cash

    second place: you can take any single ladie home for free j/k 50$

    third Place: sorry there no 3rd place i dont thing i can do it all by myself..

    iam doin everyone a favor just to have fun at a street meet so if my gift
    to you guys to have fun .. and meet new friend.

    (vollyball tournaments) 1 team should have 5 player.. win to the top . win 100$$
    so u split it.. remember it fun and have fun....

    X MOMOeg9 as moe
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