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  • Mr.Fodo ·
    Lol, ima youngin'... 21 in Aug

    This is why I'm going to school for Mech. Engineering man.. tired of half-ass "I heard this bs" type of responses... I care and work hard as hell to find the real truths. Reason why I love this site really...

    How about you man?
    kdb2 ·
    good question i have no clue what the border would do for a 20 year old engine, not much i think. so ya im good to go for the cam swap?, i was thinking of just throwning a y7 gear on, is it better to invest in an adjustable?
    kdb2 ·
    im hopefully getting the cam tmrw! but i did my compression test today and turned out pretty well, 1-185 2-185 3-180 4-185 not bad for 260 000km right? you should get the block or an entire motor from here, Toronto isn't that far!
    kdb2 ·
    hey, huge fan of your thread. im currently shopping for a cam. just wondering if its better to wait and find a zc cam or just get a regular a6 one? is the difference worth it? i wont be using an adjustable gear at the beginning. and if you could just give a ball park price range for a cam so i dont overspend. thank you
    xylocramer ·
    I don't have jack squat anymore, but my brother is working on a music degree at the moment. He might know someone that I could hook you up with. It's been so long I would have to do a refresher on how to read sheet music lol.
    I think im going to try a N/A i have p29 pistons,z6 block,rods,skunk 2 intake m.,p28 ecu, and a a6 head plan to port/polish. should i mill the head? if so how much? what do you think??
    hondadave9401 ·
    Well, I was told they were Skunkworks springs and Ti retainers, but I've been fooled before. I thought the coilovers I was using were Skunk2 but later found out that they probably weren't. I do know that whatever springs they were, they had a LOT more tension on them then the stock because I went through hell compressing them. I think the biggest thing to remember is strategic maintenance on the motors. I would pull my valve cover at least once a month and look over everything. But even with as much as I thought I was throwing at the car, I tried to blow that poor motor for over 4 years, and when it finally did fail, it was nothing more than a head gasket! So yeah, I'm a firm believer in the SOHC NoTec. But after having the H22 powered Accord, I want to see what I can do with the mini-me for a while.
    sxysweed ·
    Getting a green card can be a bitch (took forever for my family), but my dad (who did all the paperwork for my citizenship) said if your smart, you can get citizenship without having a lawyer do the paperwork, within like a year.
    Fabio213 ·
    No problem. And thanks,the avatar picture is old the headers r a little bit shiny now,also in the picture im rocking the autozone intake now i have aem short ram.i cant seem to be able to upload pics from the phone. And my setup is b7 head n block,a6 cam,y7 gear,z6 intake mani( have the skunk2 intake manifold sitting here for 2 weeks now no time to install it,ebay headers,2.5 catback exhaust with thrush turbo muffler.
    dnice78 ·
    Hey I lost some songs from my computer and I was wondering if you could hook it up with you're she hates my d-series download!
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