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  • Staypuff578 ·
    You have any Sol parts laying around? I'm missing my fucking climate control knob and want to beat a baby over the head because of it.
    psjones13 ·
    Hey man, name's Steve. Barry was just telling me about you the other day. Something about a hood flying up and wreaking havoc on a windshield. That sucks to hear man.
    EJ6Civic27 ·
    Yea dude, I haven't gotten ANY texts from you in almost a week. But I completely understand the money issue this time of year. I'm going through he same thing with my boy.
    bman200437 ·
    Hey man on the ignition switch issue I would see if you can pull it apart and check it with a meter if its bad in plug it from the harness and find one in a junk yard they don't fail often so the odds of getting a good one is on your side.
    BigJnWorldWide ·
    I know, right!!!!! There's a bunch of us that I wish lived near by or at least in the same neighborhood. I'm cleaning my iacv RIGHT now. It's 42 degrees here. T minus 1 hour left to dry and she's going back in the car to see what's up. It'll prolly be 30 something by then. Parking lot mechanic til I die!!!!
    AJAY ·
    Your a6 cam swap d15beast7 thread has been very informative. A+. I've read it all the way from the beginning to the last post. Good luck on the current engine swap you got going on.
    BigJnWorldWide ·
    Hmmmmm. Could you do a red cap with grey logos and lettering or is that still hard to do? I'd settle for red hat/black lettering if I had to. I just want the H logo instead of the wing logo. I'd be down for some shirts too. I'm a t shirt and jeans kind of guy. I'm wanting all kinds of color combos for some shirts n hats.
    moff3tt ·
    Moving is never fun. Though, having a good excuse to go through your stuff to condense it is nice. I really need to do that soon. I have way too much stuff.
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