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  • Nasty_Canasta ·
    Hope you're doing well, my friend.
    I'm in the process of moving...packing, tossing out crap I don't want to haul...all
    that fun stuff. ;)
    Chrisfrom1986 ·
    Yeah I know man, but theres no reason to muck up someones for sale thread. Wasnt trying to be a dick, just a quick flick of the fingers without much thought. Carry on...
    greasemonkey89 ·
    i could never find one for a decent price even a super beetle like i said i would trade my crx in a heart beat for one. if only i can do a custom d-series swap but the motor spins the wrong way. plus i would never do such blasphemy i love the flat four way to much. at the most a subie or rotary is as far as i go out the box.
    LoSt GhoSt ·
    Thanks for the rep moff3tt couldn't rep ya back but, I'm glad that, even though we have our differences, we are able to have a civil discussion and not go off on a rampage. The truth of the matter is that unless someone from the inside comes forward, we will never know the truth. All we can do is point inconsistancies (sp?) And broken dots in the official story. Have a good day sir.
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