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  • drunkinmaster1 ·
    sorry to keep you waiting but its going to be a girl!!!
    very happy and the wifey is doing great. been buisy making a baby room and rearranging the house. you know, daddy stuff ;)
    drunkinmaster1 ·
    we go to the doctor on the 28th to get the latest ultrasound.
    i kinda want a girl and my wife kinda wants a boy. we,ll both be happy either way and just hope for a healthy baby. ill definitely let you know...thanks
    AllmotorD ·
    Well I am not gonna lie.. I am pretty tired lately. My wife gets up with her at night while I am on day shift and I get up with her when I am on afternoon shift. We are settling pretty well. she is still pretty much in the newborn stage. Feed me burp me change me rock me! I wouldn't trade it for anything though! How are you guys making out?
    AllmotorD ·
    Okay.. i have been peed on 4 times. I am a little overwhelmed with the amount of poop she produces. IT STINKS!! Today she burped and farted at the sametime and I almost dropped her cuz I laughed so hard and she has her days and nights mixed up... but she is still cute!
    AllmotorD ·
    Only you could understand. I couldn't believe you could love something soooo much! It is unreal.. She is so beautiful!!
    AllmotorD ·
    I am so sorry I haven't been on for awhile.. It has been busy crazy here and something tells me that you might know from experience that it won't get any better..

    Holly is still pregnant.. Poor girl and the size of a house.. We had our Co-ed baby shower this weekend it was a blast. Just counting down the days.... I can't wait. Holly's best friends said she has never seen anyone more ready to be a dad than me so I am hoping to live up to that..

    I hope you guys are doing well. Emma is absolutely gorgeous. She is such a cutie. Mr Duck gonna have his work cut out him haha.. And from what I hear the first month is the worst month.. So it is almost over..

    Good luck and I keep in touch!
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