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  • ZujoVG ·
    One questin only..
    If i pay membership on forum do i see marketplace or i must wait month and write posts??
    Bumpysbro ·
    thanks man :TU: bushing kit was 229 shipped, took forever to get them though because PIC was having some delays but i wasnt in any hurry to get them.
    T-MacK ·
    Sounds good except I have know cell phone at the moment. It smashed at work and I have yet to replace it. The longer I go without it the more I love it, nobody can bother me when im out. I have this if I need to see you i'll call you attitude. lol.

    And yeah the H is a fun DD. I drove my cousins 98 Accord swapped H for 3 months when he was over'seas. Drove the fucking shit out of it on a lapping day at the track, to bad I ate the the snot out of his Ziexs 912's and had to buy him a new set when he came home. He was all like why do I have new tires on?

    I'll definetly checkout the EG thread. Peace homes. T
    T-MacK ·
    WTF is with the EG???
    Never even heard that you had that, do you have a thread link to it or something?
    I was just curious about the H22 and why I have'nt seen pics of it yet.

    I did'nt no you were "balling" out of control with 2 cars like me. lol.
    sxysweed ·
    Wouldn't even be doing a ebay build for the hell of it. Would be doing it because I'm a genuine cheap ass and ebay shit seems reliable enough. Not to mention cheap as fuuuuck.
    T-MacK ·
    If you lived closer you would love our track up here. Test and tune every Tuesday night 5-9 on the short track, full lapping on the weekends on the long track (4.5 km lap). Nothing but Hondas ans Acuras on the weekend with a couple of STI's and M3's.

    Guy the other night had a GTR on the track but could'nt drive for shit, his best lap time was 1:06.
    96EKdowork ·
    lol im picking up an h22a this winter and boosting it... go auto intercooler/bov, custom h22 turbo mani, turbosmart sleeper series wastegate, and probably a precision sc50 just picked up the turbo mani and wastegate... probably ordering my intercooler/piping/bov within the next month or so
    96EKdowork ·
    good shit man what are your plans with the H... im picking up an h22a this winter for my new build and keeping the F20b as my daily
    awebb ·
    Honestly man I meant that "butthurt" Jpeg as a joke. I actually wasn't trying to be a jerk, he went through and read every article I posted and gave his diagnosis of each issue typically that is what I would call butthurt behavior, I know cause I asked my wife and she agreed with me and she's always right!!!!!!!

    All kidding aside I apologize for posting the pic and I deleted it.
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