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  • Mr.Fodo ·
    Heard you have a delta 292 regrind, care to share any info about it? I'm looking at build another motor and have already been eyeing down the 282 lol. Got to build the motor for the cam anyway lol.
    Save/Sohc ·
    lol thanks for the +rep. haha yeah I have a couple friends who live in the internet and make random quotes that stick on me. and i couldnt think of anything better to put as my sig. haha
    sleepingciv ·
    well since ya logged out call this guy up. Ask for Brandon.
    Tell him Ryan Weaver said to call him
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    sikishah ·
    thanks alot bro. tell me i read the froums on that socket n chiiping stuff. do i just need to put the basemap of manual p08 ecu or should i get it properly tuned. my car has d15b 2 solenoid vtec . dc sports header and k n Ns intake .some iridum plugs n some sports plug wiring. however i have crome free version but no idea of tuning at all.
    sikishah ·
    i ordered a p08 for my d15b 3 stage vetc(2 sloenoids). it came just today. its p08-n51
    i googled it its for automatic d15. i converted it manual by r17 and r18 shown on fftech for auto to manual conversion. but it is factory chipped it has a rom embedded in it .the solid check was coming b4 i converted it manual. but now the check light comes after 2 to 3 minutes. im stuck :( wat should i do now.
    sikishah ·
    im sorry bro im teasing u but i have seen ur posts u know alot. i know its jdm p08 has different batch numbers
    and some auto ones too p08-900 &901
    i just wana know that the maps of these ecu's ,do they differ from each other manual ones?
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Haha! That's one of the things I did! Imported yer tables, tweaked, added launch, shift light and full throttle. Good shit. Hey, while we're on the subject, what do you set your ignition / base timing at? Stock 16*?
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Right on. It's real nice. I did a little tweaking but not much. My main map is really aggressive..then I made a milder one for little road trips or whatever..and yours
    is perfectly snug in between the two. Lots of power with a smoothness to the overall
    map. Good shit, my man.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    So I was doing some searching on Google for some B7/A6 basemaps to fuck around with. It was 4am and too much coffee. Found one of 'yer old ones that you posted in a thread a long while back. The numbers looked good so I did some tweaking to it for my needs and just went to the grocery store on a map named "Mighty Joe Civic - Version Jay.0"
    1.5Slowmatic ·
    yeah i guess if you are very careful and controlled about it, you'd be ok i just hear all the horror stories of people dying when taking it and it kinda freaks me out but usually its people who OD on it big time.
    1.5Slowmatic ·
    yeah the yohimbine is what i read is what makes it IT. Im not worried about the caffeine since im pretty un effected by it. If it works, it works but if it doesn't than o well. I like only having to take one pill a day though. Remembering to take the 3 drenalines was hard for me with my school and work schedule. There also is ephedra extract which is perfectly legal but im scared to try that shit. And regular ephedrine has no sales regulation in MD so i can buy it. Every muscle/BB forum i have read said that is the ultimate stuff to have but im way to scared.
    1.5Slowmatic ·
    hey, i have been doing the Drenaline Pills now for a while finished the first bottle and i gotta say at first i was like this might be ok, but towards the end it did nothing for me. I have been doing research on other stuff and i found this stuff called Dren. Dren | Dren 409 mg | Dren 30cp | Dren 409mg 30cp | Dren 409mg 30cp by MHP | Buy Dren Online | Fat Burner by MHP | MHP products

    i have read lots of people logs and reviews with it. Its some hardcore stuff. One pill a day and what not. But it seems to really actually work. Im not sensitive to caffeine so im not worried about that. Im thinking of buying it since its the same price as the drenaline and seeing how it does. My biggest problem is diet. I love to eat and have a very healthy appetite. This Dren stuff is supposed to suppress the appetite pretty good so thats my main reason for trying it
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