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  • Pata ·
    1970 Chevy Nova original Cluster with whole vent / sterep base. Know anybody that would be interested on it?
    Egwhite ·
    Yea its 9hrs away no just taking a lil drive to test drive it lol itll probably end up as no dice. UNless my buddy is like ill buy it from you ha
    Egwhite ·
    That's the thing there really isn't any. Specially any that compare. I last don't wanna do this trade then shit ain't worth much ya know? A lot of pepe say it's worth it. Honestly I'd probably turn right around and sell it.
    Egwhite ·
    .002 on that trade for the 92 GT 5.0 w/86k original miles. Blk on blk. No issues, rust or anything. Just could use a paint job. Idk if id like a muscle car, never driven one. So I want to make sure if i do trade that I could get some good money out of the car. With/without a paint job.
    maverick75 ·
    Dude what are you talking about haha? I only have an unbuilt D16Z6 right now, but it has no work on it. I dont even have a chassis to put it in.
    ninjajp ·
    so u have 320pnds of torque with no boost? thats pretty good, if you DONT have a fully built GSR, i was only reppin my boys car, which he fully modded on his own, i didnt expect the pack of harpies to come down from olympus and condemn me for saying so. gsr-r-type, fully modded right hand drive, e-cut switch with only 10 pounds of boost. whats the big deal? i tried to make a big deal because HE put ALL the manpower and hours into his car. thats an impressive feat, i dont care what you or anyone else says. youre a sucker if you would rather hate than congratulate.
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