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  • bl3wbyU ·
    So i read your sticky about ecu's that shit blew my mind lot to comprehend and learn. I have a d16y8 that is currently getting finished up as in with a turbo setup. My last thing i need to get is a computer, can you please give me your opinion on what to type of ecu to buy? Im really confused in after i buy my ecu how to tune it. Can I just buy the obdI ecu from pheriable and the hulog cord and just tune it and datalog thats my understanding is there other stuff im missing to do this, besides the wide band?

    I apperciate the help! Thanks Trevor
    jdmstlo ·
    HI, my english are little bit bad but I will try to get understand. I buy a JDM 96-00 D15B 3-stage VTEC and I need a parts specification list of all replacement parts like timing belt,waterpump,oil pump, all motors bearings,seals and bushings etc.. What it take to rebuilt my d15b like a new one. For which motor that i ordered my parts?? thx alex please mail-me back at [email protected]
    dilan_rs ·
    Hey Makku,

    Bro i got a D16Y8 adjustable AEM cam gear for my JDM D15B. It does not seem to fit. Is there a specific way to fix it. Please let me know. Thanks.
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