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  • Pata ·
    oh that thing on your thread? Gotcha. lol fooo! How I'm I suppose to remember everything I post everyday guey! lol. I don't even remember what I posted on Hondatech yesterday ha!

    simon guey! I've been saying and saying this month for sure, no, this week for sure and still I haven't started a routine :?
    Pata ·
    ok. good enough. No mames carnalito. You haz to haz phone guey. How are we going to text picutres of each other :gayfight2:
    jimmyb34 ·
    lol cars tore apart in a million pieces atm.. biggest i can find so far is 963x5xx iirc. my laptop crashed and i lost all that stuff... all i have is whats in my photobucket and facebook :(
    moff3tt ·
    No problem. I don't feel like people have to instantly be offensive or get but hurt when in disagreeance on the internet. I'm biased because my Dad used these kind of theories and stuff to use the government as a scape-goat for the reason his life sucks, and why he feels like shit. If he didn't shoot up, share needles, take speed, and drink for most of his life I'm sure he wouldn't feel like complete shit. However because the "new world order is poisoning our food, water and air" he feels like shit. Give me a break. So I just automatically default to being against it. However I feel I am not over the top about it and in recent months given some things some legitimate consideration. I think you're in Austin so maybe we'll see each other some time.
    Egwhite ·
    Basically a place not too far from home. Decent import scene. Clean air I have bad allergies. Not super hot and I def. Hate humidity lol and cute dtf edgy bitches are a must. I really have everything I want here in co just being so far from home has started to suck.
    Egwhite ·
    Ive been thinking about moving back closer to home. I have never been to Austin but I really cant stand TX heat & humidty. Granted I lived an hour from houston in a small town so there was not much to do. Care to give me your .02 on Austin the pros & cons?
    greasemonkey89 ·
    i love the celica esp the 70's and the early 90's my dad has a couple when i was growing up. well im just torn i wanna try out my first toyota since im a fan of anything toyota from the early 70's-early 90's.
    Dmod ·
    I'll have to check, its on my work computer. It's free to download. You should check it out. See if its worth my time.
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