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  • JDMek ·
    First off all quit trying to change your attitude about the situation. Your very first reply stated you were not interested and will have to continue to look for a true "clean" CRX. The way you structured your response was as if I was a noob, knew nothing, and questioned my knowledge on MY OWN vehicle if I have a fake Si. As for me "getting my girlfriend to bash you" as a matter of fact I told her to leave it alone and after I fell asleep she posted so dont accuse me of that bs. Im not her daddy and dont control what she says to people and what for. As far as you being a potential buyer you made it VERY clear my car is too 'fucked up' for your likings. Now for the last time I am done paying you any attention. Go pay 14 grand for a CRX instead of telling me every reason why mine is not "clean" Thanks
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