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  • kommon_sense ·
    Hey, sorry for the delayed response. I don't log into d-series very often. It seems like I recall seeing someone put a d16 head on a d17 block a while back. However I don't remember any details. I'd have to say that it might be more trouble than you want to deal with.
    -=Zeqs=- ·
    What's up Kommon_Sense. Long time no see. I used to be on Super Honda all the time with you back in the days. Anyways, I've been out of the game for a while and was hoping to find some information to finish a project that's long been on hold. On my project car, I have a built Y8 head, meaning Ferrea SS valves, port work, Zex valvetrain. That package is on the stock Y7 block which had run fine for a while there. However, several months back, while my friend was driving it, a bearing spun and ended the block portion. I've been looking for Y7 and Y8 blocks in my area, but D16Y7/8 longblocks and shortblocks seem to be harder to find then B18C5 swaps. I did come across someone who is selling a D17A2 short block from his 02 Civic EX. He is trying to sell it as a long block, but is willing to part. My question from this novel is, do you know if I can use the D17A2 short block with my existing Y8 head? What needs to be done to so that it will work properly? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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