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  • Nasty_Canasta ·
    Dude, I took it real easy. Drank some..but stayed home. The police were out like packs of rabid dogs and I didn't want to sleep on someone's shitty ass couch. I watched the ball drop for the first time in probably ten years. Hah.

    The fiancee and I are going through a break-up..which is pretty much a divorce after all this time. I've been focusing on getting my life back. Started doing all kinds of shit I haven't done in forever because I didn't have the time. Started painting again and recording. Putting together a new band. In some ways it sucks..but I gotta say, in some ways it has been completely liberating.

    Awesome on the parts. I've been wanting to find a front lip for the 'Sol when I get the extra cash. They look decent. I can't believe you got a Fit for a DD. That's sweet, man. I wanted to keep the Sol garaged for the winter but my Nissan is giving me grieve. Motor is strong but the power steering line sprung a leak as well as the rear break lines. Rust.
    Andrez ·
    i didnt get anything man i had to pick up a civic hybrid for work cuz it was havin tranny issues and i guess we sold it to them..go figure
    flatfourfan ·
    Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha, fucking A man.....................go ape shit, what you drinking? Better not be budget brews.
    Levi ·
    i had those yesterday! you can mix in all sorts of good shit in them or just eat them plain. food of champions!
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