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  • hot94hatch ·
    Hi HiProfile ( no pun intended ), I have been asking around for Fuel Injectors and I have been told that I should reach out to you. I have checked the site and saw the injectors, I like what I see. I am pretty sure I want to order them, just have a question and have not heard back yet from an email I sent to the contact us link. Its for a D16z6 obd1 94 civic ( I have a thread under engine building where I am going over the build ). I'm looking into the 1000cc injectors, overkill for now I think, but planning on pushing this 3550-550ish. Maybe more ( all eventually and gradually ). My question was 11mm, wireless adapter or ev6 clips? I am using a stock harness. Thanks for the help.
    soundquest ·
    Hey, I have followed some of your posts -- lots of good information. Specifically, I am wondering about this post and how one might go about "tuning" this engine in the way you are describing and also what the benefits of an OBDI ECU are (rpm retard removed after 4k RPM on OBDI?). Thanks.

    However 90% of your gains will be from a better timing map, as Honda severely retards F-series timing past 4k rpm. To be clear, spending $500 on an obd1 ecu & tuning will net more than expensive aftermarket intake & exhaust. When I messed with a F22B2 I managed 134whp & 149wtq with a k&n filter on ageneric 3" short-ram arm, ebay header, stock cat, ebay 2.3" exhaust, and a very quick street tune on NepTune.
    HiProfile ·
    Yeah, registerDOTcom fouled up the domain transfer. They enabled domain lock after I unlocked it and failed to mention. It's still available at Injector Nation
    shoebox_civic ·
    hey, your site is domain parked - also looking for a set of injectors for my GSR, going to be a t04b v-trim on an OE rebuild with opened up ring gaps - figure 350whp at the max, so IN600s?
    2drz6 ·
    Hey man, do you have a web site or a way for someone that isn't a forum member to contact you? There is a gent that is local (in NC lol) and is looking for injectors so I thought I would send him your way.
    ollie1212 ·
    Hi mate how you doing? Ive seen that you make up 3 bar map sensors for the d16z6. Can you so do them? How much ?
    Thanks in advanced
    mitchwbr ·
    Hey Hiprofile I hope you dont mind me PMing you let me know if its a hassle but I was wondering if your still interested in making brackets for your F2B??? Just the Top trans bracket and half shaft bracket... LMK.
    jee-em2 ·
    i forgot, but i seen someone post that you sell map sensors too? could i get info and pricing on those too. I guess just wanna know if its in the OE case and price/bar
    Ozwald ·
    So i was sent to you for injectors. Im pricing out my build right now for an awd b20 vtec. starting power will be 250whp (est. 300hp @fw) and possibly up to 400whp. (est. 450hp @fw)

    would 800cc injectors do it? and what would they cost?
    also what would 500cc injectors cost?
    Bobby ·
    I am looking for injectors for my D16Y8 and read some good things about your products from several people. I am naturally aspirated but am looking to go forced induction eventually and would like to buy one set. Do you have injectors that fit this application?
    hoorah ·
    Looking for injectors for my z6. Acid beaver mentioned you were the man. What do u have available that will idle well and support 500hp
    LTB ·
    Do u sell adaptor kits for Denso injectors? I have a set out of a Hyundai Genesis coupe 2.0T. I wanna put them in my d16Z6.
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