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  • BogusSVO ·
    yeah your memory is a tad foggy... its not that simple of a swap.. the 7 bolts have a narrow big end width compared to the 6 bolt rods, also the 7 bolt piston is a 22mm and the 6 bolt is a 21mm.... Now there is a shop that did custom the 6 bolt rods to take the 7 bolt pistons, they are sketch at best, and I hate to even utter there name...... freaking hacks....
    4Door ·
    glad to hear you doing okay bro...
    what happened to your hatch..? last i saw of it, it seemed to be about done......
    4Door ·
    where the hell have you been bro...
    havent seen you on for a while so i was seeing how you are doing...
    dougshatch ·
    LoL damn son, Im glad you get everythin straight out man, Yeah still livin in Fl man n it sucks dude!...Yeah man I heard its been over 100 up there now...Its only bout 90-98 degree out here just for now...Till summer time it gonna b rlly superb hot
    T-MacK ·
    They traded Holmes to the Jets for 5th round pick????? Was'nt he the Super Bowl MVP 2 yearts a'go and our best reciever? Now there talking about trading Ben? There fucked over there right now.
    T-MacK ·
    You might want to check and make sure 100%.
    I work in a prison and thats what i've been hearing though.
    T-MacK ·
    That sucks man!
    And yes I think the new law is if you get a charged with any crime you can't cross the border untill you get a pardon.
    T-MacK ·
    I have'nt been keeping track of any Steeler free agent sigings, remmember I live in Canada and the playoff push is on in hockey so thats all i've been seeing on sports besides NBA. lol.
    I guess I need to check it out.
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