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  • T-MacK ·
    My swap only cost me a grand total of $1300 bucks.
    Thats not including intake, header, exhaust.
    To bad you did'nt live up here, what it cost us to do a B-swap is what most people pay for a D-swap.
    T-MacK ·
    What do you have a h22?
    There always fun in a civic. I think my car rips good 1800lbs CX B16A rebuilt with type-r cams, 2.5 exhaust mated to a RMF narrow header with a 2.5 collector, PWJDM whale penis for intake.
    I have'nt had it to the track because last year I did'nt finish the swap untill last week of Sept and the car was off the road for winter a week later. The track is open tonight but im working, will be there next time to lay down some times. It feels low 14's easily.
    I have already "raced" it and beat a EK gsr swap, a hemi truck likle it owed me money, a B20 EK hb, and a 4cyl turbo Genesis like it was my bitch. But were not allowed to talk about that on the boards. lol.
    T-MacK ·
    Why not?
    Unlike popular belief that the b16 is slow and blah, blah, blah, is just a bunch of haters. My car weighs less then 2000lbs and I have a pretty beefey set-up on my b16a with type-r cams. I was'nt looking for something low end, I wanted something that pulled to 8800rpm all day and made all top end power.
    guest ·
    I've been doing research on cars since I started working on them oh, something like 7-8 years ago. There's a few good books on turbocharging. But no one reads books anymore. Honestly the net is shit, college text books, ase books, manufacturer published shit, like all data and mitchell. If you spend enough time on the net there's info. a simple google search usually equals shit.
    T-MacK ·
    Same thing fore me bro.
    I've never seen a d bolt'on for bolt'on beat a b. The only time I beat any b's in my d's is when I was rocking one of my cammed to the balls high comp 150whp engines I had. I could'nt touch any b with just I/H/E. lol to many n00bs on this site lately that no fuck all. T
    BLK92_D16 ·
    Sorry man, no where near installing this yet. LOL Yes, my friend and I were just looking at the kit tonight on eBay and they're around $99 shipped. I'm sure since it's an Innovate product that it'll mate perfectly with LC-1.
    Aragorn ·
    I hadn't really thought a lot about it, but you are correct. Something doesn't add up in all that. Oh well, he will more than likely be the next noob to join that special group who makes a thread about how mean we all are. Then we get to flame him until he gets the IP ban. It's happened at least twice since I joined. We are probably about due again. ;)
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