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  • jestrada-ej2 ·
    I am looking for rods for my turbo setup in My jdm d15b vtec, code P08. Blew a rod the other night through the block. I was boosting 11.6lbs when it happened. I need at least some reinforcexld rods for it and still looking at the research for pistons for my build. I am trying to support 340 whp if possible.
    silverek9 ·
    Hey I have a obd2 d15b 3 stage vtec and need rods and pistons along with bearings and the rings let me know if you have any and going on boost so low comp pistons would be best thanks
    mitchkeller87 ·
    I am wondering if your stilling selling the rod/piston combo. I am interested for my d15b build. If I can get a price plus shipping to Minot, ND 58701, Thanks
    aLiEn_CRX ·
    I am needing some info on the rods that i purchased, if you could message me with a number i could contact you at... thanks
    98dxNooby ·
    Hey man :TU:

    So I've been waitin for your website to be back up, I know you had some assholes break in and im really sorry you had to deal with that, hopefully you guys can get that worked out :)

    Idk if you're still selling stuff, but I'm looking to rebuild my y7 with all new gaskets, like the works! I know you used to have a kit for 600 with pistons and rods and everything I would need. If you could just lemme know if you still have anything close to that I would really appreciate it :D

    Have a good one man, and good luck!
    monster d ·
    I am rebuilding my a6 with oem or close to oem parts and been searching for some kits. Saw the usall ebay kits then came across a thread of someone bashing your customer service and plenty of fellow D's said reaching you with a pm on here is quick and easy and that you can get little rebuild kits easy and a decent price with quailty stuff. Just let me know what you have.

    Thanks Happy Turkey Day.
    -Monster D

    PM box is full so i'll just post on here lol
    lt1dajuan ·
    i would like to order some d15 rods and vitara pistons from you 75.5mm on you next order for group buy and will that work with stock bore? and also whats the compression ratio if i use the b7 block with y8 head compared to if i just use the b7 head with b7 block
    CaliLegal ·
    hey man id like to pick up some custom length I beam rods and YCP vitara's with a -15 dish for my d16z6. Was wondering the cost and availability of this combo. Please let me know ASAP.
    Turbo 94 Del Sol ·
    hey fransico. its eric. i ordered a superkit from you that should be here the second week of march but i never told you what size of pistons. and dont know what you ordered but to clear things up there 75.5
    speye ·

    thanks for the rods . they worked fine.....and the invoice hook up too...

    thank you....Craig
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