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    Hoping you still check this, bought a civic with a mini me and its got a few issues I was hoping someone could help me with and you seem pretty knowledgeable on the subject. Ive done a lot of research but I see a lot of opposing views as well. Any help is appreciated

    1sikef ·
    Hey I had a ? About the timing for a b7/z6 mini me, what belt/tensioner do I need to use? Also I have to use a y7/y8 cam gear correct? So when I put the y gear I line it up tdc by the marks on the y gear then advance it 1 tooth, line up the crank, then slip the belt on and good to go?
    Thejoker420 ·
    Hey im in the process of doing a mini me swap- d15b7 block jdm d15b vtec head. How would i time this differently? Any pointers? Its currently timed normal with the timing marks but its backfiring out of the intake.
    wolfspiritky ·
    I'm new to this to Honda's for that matter.
    I recently bought a 92 civic....race ready, to run on a 3/8 mile asphalt oval and figure 8 track.

    I was told it may have a burnt valve and was given a fresh head to swap. I am having trouble removing the harmonic balancer so, I was surfing for suggestions when I ran across your post "How to do a d15b7 mini me the right way".

    It got me wondering what head is on it and what the extra head may be.

    It is a D15B7 block, That being said, how can I determine the difference between the heads and which is which??

    Of course, I'd love to find more speed and power!!!

    Thanks, for your help!

    firsteg ·
    i'm not technically, in white rock b.c. canada so a 2 min drive and 5 min wait at the border and i'm there. my family always gets things shipped to blaine because it's so much cheaper.
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