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  • awebb ·
    FWIW, full auto assualt rifles isn't what is being discussed but I'm gonna go ahead and lock that thread cause I can see it's only going to go down from where it's at now.
    T-MacK ·
    Good to hear, and obviously the TSEX is nice. lol. When they first cameout my cousin and I took a 6speed for a rip, I knew from that moment I would own one someday.
    T-MacK ·
    P:S: Im just saying fuck the EP and letting them take it! Its to much of a pain in the ass to salvage the car and have know time to let it sit around all winter trying to sell all the parts.
    Bad timing, if it was April I could part the whole thing out in 2 weeks tops, this time of year everybody is putting there cars away not buying parts?

    Long story short there throwing me a good hunk of change for it and I have a phantom silver TSX with a-spec suspension and a-spec black chrome wheels waiting for me in T.O.........ahhhh yeah! Picking it up on my dayoff this week, lookout for a showcase thread eh.
    jee-em2 ·
    sick shit, i was digging around looking for my spare H4H and found this old Bassworx circuit breaker, 140 amp, figure ill throw it between the battery and dist block
    T-MacK ·
    Lol im going K24 you copy cat.
    And no I dont have a EP tranny kicking around.

    I can find them cheaper then $5bills around me, but after I box it and ship it to you we'd be around $5bills. I say if its low mileage go for yours. But definetly would not be paying more then that for it.
    T-MacK ·
    Like seriously what do you say?....Gee man thanks for making me feel gay. lol.

    And thats crazy with the comp cam?
    I had the first series 59300 that was still labelled Zex in the box with the valvetrain kit. That made 151whp in my old D15B I beat it then pulled the head and sold it to Sentry who used it for his turbo set-up and he had know issues.

    I heard a'lot of mixed reviews on the 2nd series 59300...............Who knows man. Im threw with Sohc's. If I went back it would only be turbo. It just sucks balls for N/A guys like me.
    T-MacK ·
    People still will pay a premium for a decent Type-R in Ontario.
    All though find me one that hasnt been beat to shit and ripped to redline in every gear every drive. lol.

    Obviously you know what youre doing but that guy was all most ready to ask you out on a date in the Comp Cam thread. lol.
    You better watch your pooper around him, Hahahahaha.
    theidealone ·
    You know, it wasnt his "enforcing the rules" that pissed me off. Its the fact that he said he would ban me, and that he deleted the thread. Could have just locked it, and said "when you get pics, Ill unlock it, just send me a PM" like Ive always seen done for everyone else.

    I appreciate you and Jimmy being cool about it. But "mindless" is being a bit mindless. I dont care for him. And if every mod can go through my posts that I feel are legitimate, and edit them to say ".......", so I can. Ive already removed my build threads...
    jee-em2 ·
    so i see its not like vcc over here where u can edit your thread title, do your mod powers allow u to do so?
    (i hope it sends me an email when u reply or i will never see it)
    Kingsht ·
    Can you beleve the shit that evanguy says???? Hes putting a bad taste in everyones mouth. He gave me bad rep for proving hes wrong!
    T-MacK ·
    To fucking funny, I already sent this guy a PM last night asking him to chill out over the situation and he respondds back like hes the man or somebody important. lol.

    I was basically asking him the same quesrtion, if he even knew who Bisi was 7 years a'go. Making the good Canadians look like tools.
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