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  • JoelEspinoza ·
    I assume the automatic also has a knock sensor, which means it would need 1 wire too. But I dont know for sure. But yes, vtec solenoid wire, vtec pressure switch wire, and vtec pressure switch ground is everything.
    JoelEspinoza ·
    This is my writeup for it:

    Assuming you have a manual, the basic changes going from a y7 to a y8 are:

    Converting from a 3 wire IACV to a 2 wire iacv. (Google this or look at the pics on the bottom of my post)

    Put a knock sensor in your block and connecting it to the spare wire from the 3>2 IACV. Then move that pin in the ECU harness to the knock sensor spot (different pin depending on ECU generation)

    Then adding a wire from the vtec solenoid on the engine to the ECU.

    Then you can run a wire from the vtec oil pressure switch to the ECU and another wire from the vtec oil pressure switch to ground. Or you can just bypass it (most newer JDM engines dont even have it) i dont remember exactly how to bypass it, but I THINK you just attach the vtec oil pressure signal wire to ground.
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