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  • wizard's blood ·
    Im not counting on it lol. I'd love too but thas awhile from now. I co-own a detail and film company and stay busy to say the very least.
    Wischmaster ·
    Yezzir, stock-ish FTW. I've had a turbo coupe without A/C and one with A/C, after having best of both worlds I decided that I'm keeping it with this coupe. Sure, a bit more expensive and a pain in the ass to work around but it's mighty nice on humid days. And it's the only thing that clears up foggy windows instantly. Last time I weighed my car I think it was 2,460lbs with a subwoofer in the trunk. Not sure what the wagon would be. You'll be fine boosting on the A6, they're stout engines. Hell, Danz ran 10's on one. I've been against Hondata for a long time lol. I'd only get it if I had a K-series because there is no other option. But since that will never happen, I'll be going with NepTune or eCtune.
    Wischmaster ·
    It's a little doggy but not much more than a stock D16. Granted I haven't driven N/A in a few years but it's do-able, at least for me. Oh and this is my DD, it see's boost on a daily basis and has been through three winters. Also still has working A/C, P/S, cruise, power everything... DD status. :)

    I too am slowly learning to tune myself, I'm just missing a wideband really. I have an Ostrich and a Hulog, that's really the last key to the puzzle. An aftermarket MAP sensor would just allow me to tune more accurately for higher PSI but not an absolute must for me at the moment. Yeah I hear ya on the compression, it's definitely not ideal. I'd like a 10:1 setup myself but what can you do, gotta take the good with the bad. Bad being low compression, good being reliability. Oh and it's just running good ol Crome. :) I've been looking into NepTune but you basically have to have a Demon to run it and for $350 I'd rather get a wideband before that.
    Wischmaster ·
    No sir, all OEM internals except for the ARP headstuds. D15Z1 block with a D16Z6 head makes for 7.8:1 CR, plus E85, equals a large detonation threshold lol. The Z1's are damn good blocks, better than people give them credit for. It has taken A LOT of high speed pulls, launches, burnouts, rev-limiter, etc. No issues. Granted another factor of reliability is the fact that I've had the rev-limit at 6800 since day one. Mainly because it runs out of steam there so no need to rev higher. siregcivic had the same engine setup but he was running a 57 trim T3/T4 and reving to 7500, took it like a champ.
    Wischmaster ·
    My car was tuned when I got it, almost three years ago now. Definitely not the best tune but it runs and drives. It's really limited by not having an aftermarket MAP sensor so if I run higher than 11psi (which I do most times) the last column is just dirty rich. For the first year and a half of owning the car it was running 20psi, which explains the last column. Once I get a wideband and a 3-4BAR MAP sensor I'll be able to vastly improve the power of the ~12psi I'm running now.
    theft-repo-sol ·
    ill be crashing in silverthorne mid jan this year to save some cash. we'll be hitting vail, copper, keystone, steam boat and breckenridge on the tour. if you ever get a chance go to jackson hole wy or big sky montana they have some of the best backwoods ive ever hit!
    theft-repo-sol ·
    hey thanks for the rep man super cool! i'm a huge snowboarder and hit the rockies every year for the last half decade. i loved copper co and am returning to tour more.
    Pata ·
    My daughter has a owl on her side also. On a branch. No color. Just black n white. Came out clean. I want to get one on my right arm somewhere lol
    moff3tt ·
    Yeah I am getting that toaster for a friend as a gift. She asked for a toaster specifically and I found the most badass one I could. The reviews for it like I said are very positive and it has a great price to boot. The 4 slot model can do 2 eggs at the same time as well for only $15 more.
    Ej1Zcz6 ·
    Honda seen down here is so much bigger but a lot of dumb ass also lol.... girls are ok... its to hot here we get no snow no rain some times windy you have to have a/c in your whip 115 is to fucking hot but its nice here prety much the same as Denver but a lot more Mexicans and LOT! more Honda.... (look up that the noob site of az but there's a lot of meets and cruises that go on every week rain shine 500 degrees we go out in any time and 9 out of 10 meets are chill...... plus parts cheaper, more shops, its really nice here just fucking hot and a shit load of Mexicans and there are a lot of thief's need more then one kill switch on your shit
    2jzdreamin ·
    i dont use the vc ground,never had a problem...i put a ground from the tranny to frame, battery to tranny and battery to body in the trunk...i all so use 2 gauge wire...
    Egwhite ·
    Yea he believes me now lol still doesnt change that he wants to park his car in there too. Which I understand I mean it is his house.

    Exactly. When i was looking for a place it was no garage no dice. Can I work on my car in there? no? no dice lol & i was on a time crunch ha.

    Atleast this time I got it back soon and only my wheels were gone. It was beat up a lil but whateve it was getting repainted anyway.
    Sammo115 ·
    Does your room mate believe you now that the Rex became a victim? But yeah. My wife used to be like that to til my shit kept getting stolen and now shes just as paranoid as me. LOL. Funny how we are looking to buy a house and the first thing she said was. We need to get you a garage!....*SCORE!!!!* *happy dance* LMAO.
    Sammo115 ·
    Why are you parking the Rex back in the street?! No garage? Or are you saving that spot for the new project?

    But all. Good luck brother. I know how it feels all to well to have your shit stolen and have to start back up again. My first 2 hatches were stolen. First was stolen and wrecked by the fucker...well the second one ended like that to. LOL. fucken ass hats. stole it then wrecked it.

    Now im on my third hatch. Funny how my dinky ass civic gets the garage over my wifes G35 =P
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