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born to lose, then philosophize about it

reading / collecting books, fixing cars, martial arts
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93 honda integra
Staypuff578;2230804 said:
It's simple, a Puerto Rican Nazi
2000redCIVICsi;3424010 said:
All hail Edd, the Wise.
transzex;3608466 said:
Rican Mob hit
Spammer;3706161 said:
Evil spirits beautiful naked girl live boobs
AutoXCivic;2367164 said:
I mess with cars because it's more socially acceptable than a cocaine habit ... although the cocaine would probably be cheaper.
Resident metalhead Alliance member #666!
rip emilio gallardo (milo). outstanding father, spouse, friend and member of dso. you will always be missed.:(
rip, patprimmer. last of the titans.

one thing i've learned from this job is to always keep a pack of cheese for your whine.

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