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  • Whoshot ·
    Dang dude, much love. Stand tall bro, the tough times are the best times to show how you react. The reaction to adversity is the true measure of a man, not the adversity it self.
    awebb ·
    Spam bots been blowing stuff up man! I think that's the hardest we've been hit in a long time!
    4Door ·
    will do... i will give you or another MOD the winner number so people dont think im lying... This is how i've always done it in the past... now to find a gift, it maybe a week or more before i actually do it... :)
    4Door ·
    i have been thinking that it maybe time for another d-series raffle... Do you remember the one's i used to do, i think Sleepycivic (Ryan) has done a few as well... it's prolly been 2/3 years sine the last one...

    what do you think..?
    4Door ·
    so apparently amperu is hella pissed at me... i PM'd him with an apology twice, but he wasn't interested... oh well, he is acting like a lil kid, i tried to reach out to him hopefully he gets over it...
    4Door ·
    the problem is people only think of themselves and have no idea, what liberty really is... liberty for them as well as others... :|
    4Door ·
    "food for thought.

    liberty doesn't mean "i do the fuck i want". that's not what liberty implies. it is in relation to the other. your liberty ends being liberty the moment you trespass the right to liberty of the other.

    when you defend your liberty, ask yourself if you're hurting another."

    this is a profound though Edd... i agree wholeheartedly...
    (i couldn't rep you so i figured this would work lol)
    2jzdreamin ·
    I gotta find some time to dig it out. It's not easy to get to where it is. Iirc it looks likes this,pic taken from the net to give you an idea of what it looks like. It was stolen at one point but got it back with some stuff missing.

    JDMPR ·
    You wouldn't happen to have a catalytic converter laying around that you would wanna sell me would you?
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