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  • slusherk ·
    Hey, Im hoping you could lend me a hand. i stumbled across a thread from 04 where you posted about cam timing on a sohc. you posted a picture with three different cam timings on the dyno. +2*, 0*,& -2*. im hoping you have that picture still or a link to it. the one on the thread doesnt load anymore.. thx for your time. Keith
    snap on ·
    Hi i also have been trying to research how to modify the dual carb kiehin carbs, i have a set of d14 and d15 carbs that im wanting to put on my d16 build for track use only, unfortunatly non of the links are active,any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated thanks dave
    Trobb09 ·
    I have seen your posts and you seem to be very knowledgable . My daughter has a 95 civic ex 1.6 vtec .. We have installed 4 distributors . which never fixes the problem. I tried the external MSD coil which i never got to work.. I reinstalled the OEM material back, started it up drove it all day it was running fine.. I turn to go up another street and it sputters and starts loosing spark till it pop through the exhaust and quit. I was waiting for a wrecker when it started again .. On other occasions it does the same you might get just under 100 miles and it quits .. No Spark.. Does the honda have a PCM and if so where is it and what do i need to do.. This car has 200k but runs like a scalded dog.. Any help will be appreciated Thanks Todd
    Dave "90 Hatch" ·
    hey man i love your posts about duel keihin carb upgrades.thought i would let you know links and pics are no longer working. and i would love to be able to read up on being able to upgrade my setup, cheers. Dave
    Elid ·
    hi mate

    i saw your thread about the twin carb business, and i was just wondering if you could help me, i have posted up in the 'Engine Building' section, and im really stuck and need to car working asap, sorry if this seems like much, just you seem like you know everything about this, and so far i seem to know nothing lol

    thanks in advance
    Aor ·
    Hey, I have noticed you seem to know a fair bit about the SOHC 1.5L Dual Side draught carby engine.

    Just wondering if you could point me in the direction of a half decent service manual, I'm also interested in removing the chokes, as my car runs like a dog until its warm, way too rich.

    Its a bloody rats nest of vac lines under there....

    Thanks Aor..
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