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  • Iliketurbos ·
    Hey man, I messaged BLK92_D16 on here because I noticed he was from Greenville and I'm from Anderson. I had a few questions and he said he got out of the SOHC game for his IS350. He told me you were from Anderson and you MIGHT be able to help me with a few things. If you are ever available to help with a few head aches I'm having I would really appreciate it. I'm a noob at the Single Jingle boost area but I have a Degree in Auto and decent amount of mechanical experience. Since this is my first build and I have quite a lot of money invested I am trying to ask people with experience so I don't do something I'm going to regret later on, like install a block guard lol. Thanks again and Cheers!
    Cali Noob ·
    Good stuff, hope it works out for you. I plan on getting one someday, even if I don't keep it forever and ever, it looks like it would be a fun car to have for sporting purposes, I hear they drive excellent.
    T-MacK ·
    Cant find any air bag delete trays?
    None at the wreckers and some guy was selling one for $40 bucks locally on Kijjii but that wass laughable.
    If I see one of my guys this upcoming week ill take a look at his place, he always has alot of shit kicking around.
    Later T
    T-MacK ·
    yeah my parts guy Victor has gone awol since last week?
    Still waiting on him to go out to his shop, im sure ill find one there. I need to chnage my Uncles AC pump in his CRV there.
    LoSt GhoSt ·
    Send me your email addy. I'll also throw in a tutorial on how to make anything a watermark. Your using photoshop right?
    LoSt GhoSt ·
    Hey man, I was the original designer. But when the site layout changed, they tried to switch the logo over but couldn't and thus what you see is what they came up with.
    Calister ·
    Ducks car go to good home?? Just 6 months ago yall were sayin how it went to a good home and glad no one else got it?

    Just from me posting on the forum the cars not worthy for me now? Fuckin clowns dude.
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