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  • T-MacK ·
    What type of drop/stiffmess are you looking for?
    Seriously every thing Eibach has to offer except maybe there new coils suck balls. And unlike other people on here i've actually had a'lot of knowledge of using a shitload of diiferent spring/strut combos because im old and have had nothing but Hondas/Acuras since my first car a 93 Gsr back in 94. lol.
    EG-MIKE ·
    not too bad. you?

    im in the process of piecing together the last bit of crap to put some boost to the civic. anything new with you?
    mindless ·
    Yeah I know what you mean dude. Everybody has different goals with it ya know? I just never had any desire to be bulky. I mean I do wish that, when I was at my peak, I had 8-10 more lbs of muscle but I was pretty happy where I was nonetheless.

    Never did work my abs too hard. 2-3x's a week for 5-10 mins a pop, it was all about the bf %.

    Good to have people on here that are working out though maybe we can keep each other motivated! MOF I gotta go hit the weights now!
    mindless ·
    Actually just starting to get back into it decent dude. Spent many months taking it real easy, and I mean real easy. Even now I'm taking it easier compared to what I was doing when I got hurt. That injury really fucked me up and I got off track on my diet and everything. I was never for bulk, was about 175lbs and cut, idk what my bf % was but I had a I got a 4 and am trying to get the other two back lol!
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