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  • CustomY8 ·
    I haven't done this do it's not something I'm familiar with, I ran my 3 stage like a y8 , I just added iab control to an obd1 ecu and and had it running on a base map
    carlosb20 ·
    Hello...i want to know how to wire the EGR, EGR Solenoid and dual vtec from D15B 3 Stage Vtec....i have a OBD2A P2J-003 car is a Civic 99 EX OBD2B...i bought a conversion harness......if you can help me i will appreciate it.
    CustomY8 ·
    Whats your Email, I have a basemap from a great tuner who had tuned a civic on boost with 550cc injectors with s300.
    mattliston ·
    Im pretty pumped about your COP setup. Any way you can tell me what parts I need in addition to your kit? I imagine you are not going to be selling an entire kit with wiring, coils, plugs, etc...
    chris20589 ·
    I saw where you were running a stage 3 vtec with a rpm set buddy controller.I just purchased a JDM d15b 3 stage VTEC its going in a 97 civic hx can I run my stock ecu and harness.and get a v-con VTEC controller for the second solenoid?
    marcelino ·
    customy8 sorry to bother you but i have a question on the d15b 3stage vtec. my question is on the oil pan. i noticed that its aluminum and was wondering if there is a usdm steel oil pan that will fit ive looked for a couple days now and have been getting mixed answers and finally decided to send u a message

    edit: just started reading the d15b engine control thread again found what i was asking about in post #5 by any chance do u have a base map that I could have for Crome
    4Door ·
    your thread got locked so i thought i would ask you here lol
    i have a 03' TL type S with a J32A2 motor... i dont believe there is a dizzy, could your set up still work? also i would like one for my 96' Accord Lx wagon...
    CustomY8 ·
    I honestly never used the idea, I would rather see you user a rpm switch. For my latest build we will be chipping a po6 ecu, then add vtec and iab just Like I did with my car and my hondata s300. Them it will be tuned on a dyno.
    CGVtico ·
    Hi CustomY8,
    I am trying to wire up a 3-stage D15B and I want to wire the 16v mode with the EVAP just like the diagram you posted.
    I got all the cables and the relay but I got a question before installing it.

    If you turn have this connected and put the key to on without the engine on wouldn't the relay burn if its sending a constant +12v to the spool valve ground?

    And, When you turn off the relay it will normally send a high voltage spike possibly burning a capacitor in the ecu?

    Have you successfully hooked it up this way??

    bigheadmotors ·
    can you tell me what 02 sensor you have in your car? i have a 97 civic with the d15b and am running a single wire o2 from an early 90s civic. not getting good millage.dont think its the right one..
    CustomY8 ·
    You need a 2 wire iac for a manual p2p ecu. You can buy a manual y8 throttle body and iac, then modify the intake to use the new iac or just switch to a complete y8 intake. Without a window/rpm switch you won't be able to control both vtec's on a p2p ecu. You will need a tuneable p72 equivalent ecu, a p06,p28,both will need iab added, and the p06 would need vtec added to its board and circuitry, which almost any dunno or performance shop that deals with Honda can do. or an actual p72 will do and a few other ecu's, program of your choice, I prefer hondata.
    the hatch ·
    Hi I have the obd2 d15b in my hatch right now and everything is stock in it except for the wire harness and ecu. The wire harness has a 3 wire iac and is throwing a code for the tps and it is running on a p2p ecu and I can't engage the second vtec. I plan to buy the hondata s300 this week and I already have an obd1 ecu. Is buying the s300 and getting a good tune all I need to do to fix this or do I need to switch out my intake manifold and make my 3 wire iac to a 2 wire iac too? Please answer soon. Thanks
    bigheadmotors ·
    hi. you seem to know alot about these cars, so i was wondering if you could help me out. got a 97 civic with a D15B 3-stage vtec OBD2 with EX wire harness and a P2J-J62 ECU..DC header with 2 1/2 in. Magnaflow exhaust..running a test the single wire O2 sensor..its running rich..i think im gonna put in a high flow Magnaflow Cat..first does the O2 sensor go in the cat or in this case the test pipe or does it go after the cat..should i use the 2in. extender to trick the ecu into thinking i have a cat..i have been using the extension with the O2 sensor in the test pipe and have been getting bad fuel economy..and the smell of fuel is assumption was that with the extension, the O2 sensor is not in the exhaust all the way and the O2 is not sensing the true exhaust emissions and will tell the ecu that it needs more fuel so it runs rich, but from what i have read it has the opposite effect..but by elimination the extension the O2 sensor is sitting all the way in the pipe and without the cat, it is reading high emissions and should tell the ecu to lean out a bit.. is my thinking wrong..any help would be great ..... thanx
    Civic-man ·
    Hi CustomY8 and all friends
    consider me a top noob so plz dont mind my Qs if they sound old. i have put in JDM D15B 3 stage vtec with MT with P2J-003. i have been banging my head to each and every thread and yes you gys have put in lots of info on how to wire it. but noobs like me need a more straight forward drawing or diagram. i hope noobs need support with lot of tolerance and help. so kindly guide me, post here or what ever u found proper for noobs who want to learn from you people. plz come down from masters level to primary level and guide us.
    becoz of you ppl, many like me have learned a lot but still need your help.
    SOo, Heeeeeeeeeelp
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