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  • LowLifeCG ·
    what can civicGX pistons do for our jdm D15B - Honda-Tech

    If you haven't seen this, it may be worth the read to you. It talks mainly about the PMS in the D15B
    curlybandit ·

    I haven't got it started yet although I will be getting most of the parts soon. I've decided that the first thing I'll get done is the head. For now I'll just be installing the camshaft and gear and I just purchased a set of Crespo Cams valve springs and retainers. That will go on first followed by a OBD1 conversion and dyno tune. This probably won't get done until the spring, but I'll be posting some stuff when it gets done. As far as the high compression block build, I'll hold off on that until the head is done.

    Thanks for the interest.
    trillakilla ·
    hey man wats up i was curious how your build was coming along i got a 97 hx 5 speed coupe i just bought a skunk2 cam gear 4 it i was wondering if youve had a performance difference?
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