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  • a5hatch ·
    I think you can swap other gears onto the Main, and auxiliary shafts yes. if there are any discrepencies with gears from others transmissions or gears that won't work, I don't have that info. I assume most/all are compatible.

    I would consider getting the differential rebuilt and/or inspected, make sure it has no interal damage.

    remember to put oil in it next time you build it lol
    SOHCitTOem ·
    I hear you man. I don't think that's much of a problem here on DSO cause it's such a small community and all of us are spread all over the place. But yeah definitely keep your shit on lock man. Plenty of bad people out there to be on the look out for.
    stevenarroyo ·
    ya man i've been riding the ruckus as much as i can! save some extra gas money!
    i have not done much to the civic :pinch: but later today am going to install my suspension and brake upgrade that i have been waiting to do.

    you lucky with the trans man! how much? i got a B000 trans in good shape but i don't feel like swapping trans (lots of work) but I am thinking of adding a LSD to it but don't have the extra cash right now.

    update your build man!!!!
    stevenarroyo ·
    i just got the car back home... i think the injectors or shit. plugs where all black, i put a used set of plugs i had in the car. it starts and in a few mins dies looks like the injectors are not spraying like they should. and missing up the plugs.

    am going to test the injectors, but looks like am going to be buying some new ID 1000cc soon.....
    stevenarroyo ·
    damn man just got back from work i have to leave my car at work.
    looks like the AEM FPR is leaking. the engine does not want to start at all....
    stevenarroyo ·
    was up man
    what size and brand air filter you going to use?
    my turbo inlet is 2 1/4
    am looking at a K&N with a inlet of 2 1/4 i found one 3.5 x 5 inch. you think it will be to small??
    Pata ·
    I don't need a obd2B harness thou.
    it's a good price thou for that harness. Easy double up there. Even triple! :TU:
    Pata ·
    No it won't. But please give me that guys info :biggrin:

    jk. Yes it will work. Only thing is you're going to have the knock sensor plug, crank angle sensor plug hanging...
    Pata ·
    I have 1 more z6 harness I'm tryinig to get rid of :3dtard:
    lol. I'll keep a eye out for ya also if I run into a y8 harness.
    Pata ·
    I have one ready to go D16y8 OBD2a nice n wrapped like the z6 harness I sent you, but I'm in between should I sell it or not :pinch: only problem is if I do sling it, I want like $140 for it :wacko:
    Pata ·
    fuuuuu! Fail :pinch:
    You can use your same obd2 engine harness. Only thing you need to get is a obd2a to obd1 dizzy jumper wire and I think that's it. Use your same OBD2 fuel injectors and everything else should plug in. What OBD2 are you? OBD2a or OBD2b?
    stevenarroyo ·
    my car is not done yet. it's still running N/A i ordered my turbo and clutch line from go-autoworks should be here next week or so. still waiting on my bonus from work to buy my 3 inch exhaust.
    still going i have not stopped just moving slow cause of how slow work is. not making much money...
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