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    Thanks for all the FAIL tips haha just wondering where about in Cali you stay I'm by Tracy and do you have a build thread of your ride and any pics of it?
    CaliLegal ·
    ok well, first of all, both the motors are OBD1 so your ok there. Now you need to have the ECU that goes to the B18b1. I "might" be the same as the one you currently have. If so, then again your ok there. Now the next part, which you should also be ok on are the smog components. you have to have ALL the smog equipment installed for the B18b1 and your new emissions number will also have to match the B18b1. So being that they both came out of an integra that are OBD1 your probably in good shape. Double check your ECU numbers. It will be like *****-p72-**** The number will the p in the front is the engine ecu designation. As for the intake, as long as there pre96 will ALL the smog provisions hooked up to them, intakes are good. So no breathers or anything.

    Other than that, they'll give you a label when everything is in compliance. I dont think you even have to actually pass the emissions part. Once you get your sticker you smog as the vehicle on the sticker. Good Luck. Anymore questions hit me up.
    hello singlecams ·
    hey dude, my name is kc. i got refereed to you by pata from i was sent to state ref and i'm not sure what will happen when i go. i bought my 92 acura integra with a b18b1 from the 95 integra, the original motor is a b18a1. its all stock except my intake and magnaflow exhaust. i don't have any CEL my question is how can i pass the ref with that swap?

    any advice will be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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