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  • Blind ·
    Hey I've been looking into doing a Honda civic hatch AWD I havent bought anything yet I've only seen a few posts about his type of build is there any info you could give me that would point me in the right direction or a list of basic parts I would need passed what you listed on you post? Also this will be my first major build and first import build my last one was an 87 Firebird Trans AM TPI with 450 Hp but I dint like the gas bill lol and I've always liked the look of the 92-95 hatch any help would be greatly appreciated.
    oldskooljdm ·
    What's up I got a gsr cluster as well but its off of a 2000 of course the harness doesn't hook up need some help on what to do lol
    kwcrxaz90 ·
    hey didnt get to spend much time over there tonight goin over tomorrow to help after 6 i went down earlier and brian wasnt there and i called but his phone was in the other bay so but the motor looks good just need a throttle body gasket one didnt come w the kit and im gettin a boost controller off kerri one of the kids down at his garage should have a smaller spring ttyl buddy
    Boosted91 ·
    i spent 200 bucks on over 40 square feet of dynomatt last week and did my entire car, it added like 40 ibs or so to the car and didnt really help any of the vibrations but it didn make it quieter.
    Grounded ·
    Like if i have change in my little change holder pocket it rattle's at lights. I can hear shit rattling in my doors now. My entire back end of my car is dyno mat. I noticed that my door sill on my rear fender vibrates now. And i hate it so one by one i single them out a get rid of them. All that was noticed by changing 1 mount.
    Grounded ·
    I can tell you that the second i put my innovative drivers side mount in my car i noticed the vibrations. and i only have one urethane mount. the rest are stock.
    Hugo Boost ·
    you have very good goals, hope we can share info about our setups, the get the best of both.

    My next mod will be edelbrock intake manifold, 60mm tb and maybe the 59500 cam
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