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  • zachbanton ·
    Was just lookin over my User CP and feeling sad that its so low..haha.. did you ever get to painting your interior? You had said that you wanted to.
    MrBrownstone ·
    Just noticed the rep you left me with the comment about wanting my aviators, here's a link to one of the pairs I own, cheers! Chp Triple Crown Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses T01 (silver-mirror W Case, mirrored): Clothing
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    I have my own garage now, man. Two car garage...with rafters and storage. I will NEVER take it for granted. The dude who lived here before me was a car nut and already had storage and a work bench built. I didn't give two shits about the house. The wife said she liked the house and I said, "I want this fuckin' garage." ..Hah! I
    tarp off the rafters to make the ceiling lower and crank the kerosene heater. I wanna
    get one of those jet heaters just for a little comfort. But I don't use that shit until
    it gets down into the 20's...mainly because parts and plastic get brittle. Seems every
    "Honda Enthusiast" in my area is a total poser so I'm pretty isolated. We need to buy
    a block and move everyone in. Fuckin' factory.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    "Don't let that stop you. Use your cell phone as a light source and bundle up. I even change my oil in the rain and snow. Parking lot warrior right here!"

    I share your work ethic and wish you were my neighbor. The shit we could get done.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    I have a hate adapter for my screen printing gear to print caps. I can make us some Honda hats. Been looking for them myself. Black or darker inks is much easier with caps. White SUCKS to print with. Let's talk. I'm still in the process of moving but can get this shit rolling as soon as I move and set the shit up in my garage.
    Whoshot ·
    I just figured out this game, been playin on race mode to get my level up. I will be getting into more drifting, its fun. That Miata has an RX7 motor in it, drifts like a champ.
    12ozwrecker ·
    yeah, im using Hawk race pads. Stop on a dime, but TONS of dust.
    to bad im in maui, otherwise id be down for a swap. i love them, but getting good tires
    for 14's is harder than i thought.
    12ozwrecker ·
    the only problem is that my brake pads emit so much dust that my front wheels are like dark grey
    think im gonna redo them black w/ red lip.
    Speedjunky01 ·
    Reply about the intake, take a look at the build thread in my sig I redid the intake and used a stock location air box with minimal mods it looks awesome and works NICE the turbo I use is an eBay t3t4 with a cast eBay mani which I'm sure is identical to gregs good luck on the build man
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