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  • Soul Engineering ·
    Its a figure of speech and I was not calling you an idiot, because obviously you know how to search. I was calling all the non-searchers that ask questions like: how do I make 150 whp with stock compression. Those are idiots. I already apologized on the original post. I think it was a little silly to give me neg rep, but it just reminds me why I think this place is turning into Hondatech #2 and I don't post much for that reason.
    kevinyaj ·
    yo thatsw a nice set up you got there.and nice vid too shit can pull hard.this set up is nice so im planning to do it how you make this set up?do you just switch the y7 rocker only to the y8 only and thats it?wat about the intake mani?and the spark plug wires?i really like this set up so hit me up asap so i can do the same head set up at you thanks.
    _ben_w ·
    You have an ideal setup.I plan on doing a lot of the same stuff to my y7. Any wise tips? Any updates on how the car is running now?
    iceteal17 ·
    hey man i have a d16y7 and i want to put a cam in, new intake/ like the y8. what would i need to do that, and how would i tune it?
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