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  • Dirtyd91 ·
    Hey what's good.. i had seen yur response on one of the forums.. i have a d15b2 that i would like to build .its my DD.. i copied the the forum u had up. but it didnt give end price of build.. it said posted by craig.. if u could give more info on this ..and or prices that would be great..
    Thewall ·
    I actually have not and I'm curious if they are any good too. For the price and adjustability I may go for them lol. I just hope someone chimes in and says something lol.
    es01civy ·
    hey whats up man i was seeing if you still some z6 engine. I got 2 engines one built for boost it has 75mm vitaras, double shot peened rods with arp rod bolts and journal have been micro polished, block has fresh hone and deck need to assembled and have the crank micro polished with a stock head. and the other is a z6 bare block with girdle no nothing lol hit me up if you need them
    96HXcrap ·
    Hay whatdup! Long time no d. Dseries that is. LOL
    I was about to ask a question about my clutch master and post a pic. But dude, its been so long since Ive used this photbucket deal I forget. Wondering 1st if ya use this and if you do can ya give me the break down. Ya know like what size to use here and how to get it from there to here.

    And how about posting the Youtube clips again. I still have the last email ya sent about that, but apparently that changed a tad too. I do it per that email of copy and paste of the "embed'd thing and now it will just post a bunch of words and before it use to work.

    Ok so hopefully ya can answer the Photobucky thing first. LOL.
    How do we add each other as friends too? That is if ya wanna be my friend. LOL
    I assume you saw the Superbowl and the commercial for LAND OF THE LOST?!!!. OOOOh yeah! Will F. ftw!. Cant wait too see that!.

    EFhatch88 ·
    yea im aware ed is the usdm chasis lol and yes i do have a build thread i just started. Its under naturally aspirated.
    Tibby ·
    i got hydrolocked twice went down to 2-300 rpms i just let it idle and it fixed itself i guess, that was 2 years and 15000miles ago and i run the shit out of my car so i assume if it did damage i would not have a working motor by now.
    Tibby ·
    i reped him too but every night i rep random posts (if they're good) until it says i maxed out my rep
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