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  • sxysweed ·
    I thought about it, but decided that a Ram Horn manifold looks better. Not to mention doing the WG-priority style manifold properly, like the Hytech turbo's, will be a tight fit in the CRX's bay.
    sxysweed ·
    My immigrant parents don't know enough about US/US-World History to have the conversation in the first place. And if I would try to tell them, my dad would believe it but be in denial about it happening again (or we're just way to paranoid...) and my mom wouldn't care.

    Must be nice though, to not realize/care and be too distracted to care about what might happen.. And I wonder if people wouldn't mind total communism, as long they were comfortable or brainwashed to think they were comfortable... And if people don't care enough to prevent a totalitarian state, why should we prevent it, when we could instead seize power for ourselves?
    sxysweed ·
    How's your local Occupy group doing?

    Occupy Miami has 'banned' me from posting comments on their page.
    Why? I questioned some things.
    sxysweed ·
    You got the point of my thread, but I didn't mean it to be a "Government is against white Brits" things. Wanted it for more of a 'social research' thing, to see how different forum members will react, kinda like what I did a few weeks ago with the.... "All white" school to open in Canada.
    a5hatch ·
    Will do man! i actually have a buddy who lives pretty close to houston, that we've been planning on visiting sometime.
    sxysweed ·
    "In their defense, 90% of South Floridians are retired Jews and polite, soft-spoken Swedes."

    A bunch of old Jews and a bunch of fuckin' immigranst! :cowboy:
    Nothing against Jews, but they do make up atleast half the retired people around here... *shrugs*

    I'll try to get pictures that represent the protests.. Without any bias.
    Which is difficult, as I'm sure you know, as the most "extreme" people are the loudest.
    sxysweed ·
    How's the crowd? Good group that wants Wall Street out of government? I've been watching the facebook for the local group (Miami, it's like an hour drive each way from me), and half of it is a bunch of [immigrants, though, what can I say?] complaining because they have to pay too much to go to expensive schools or because they don't get free medical or because they're too good to work at McDonalds. *shrugs*. Maybe those people are just more vocal.
    99EJ6T ·
    is it? some dont make the distinction between when someone really is greedy and only takes vs some one that needs help... probably why those some just scream how the gov screwed them, but do nothing to stop it. or complain about not being free, but know nothing of what true tyranny is....

    To be honest, I am just a bit tired of some of the people on this site. They complain and bitch, talking trash about things they "think" they know.
    sxysweed ·
    I see you reading a certain thread.

    I know you partially agree with my comment, even if my comment was a bit out of line.

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