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  • maohonda ·
    I have a 91 si cable trans and a 92-95 ex trans is there any way I can use the 3rd and 4th gears out of the cable si trans in my hydro unit. What would I have to do. I'm know about them just not the interchangeably between the too. I try looking what Danz did to his but it's missing pictures and is confusing to read
    EKmitchSi ·
    Interested in purchasing an MFactory LSD for my D16 transmission from you, I am all the way in Ontario, Canada! Please get back to me as soon as you can with pricing, thank you.
    Henry44 ·

    Transzex sent us to you.

    What's the cost of building a 91 CRX SI trans with the MFactory close ratio gearset (MFactory 1st, 3rd, 5th, modified 3rd for 4th) plus the 4.9 MFactory fd? This would be with all new bearings/seals/other replaceable parts. The 4.9 fd is kind of short for our needs. Are there other ratios available? Something closer to 4.1 would be better. We have a Quaife LSD in our trans now that we would want to use.

    We have 2 cores we could send you, one is the trans in the car now (works fine). The other is a core we got for parts.

    We're in Oregon, south of Portland.

    As to refreshing the internals, we're ok with you using your judgment as to the need to replace things. This is the last bit of the car we haven't touched much and are looking for a build that will hold together under the mighty 112hp we are putting to the ground.

    Let us know what you think.

    Think you could help us out?

    flat_ ·
    I have an 86 acura integra d16a1/cg combo is there a action clutch for my set up that will handle 300 hp?
    Richardtuning ·
    Hi buddy. Are you a CP Pistons dealer? I'm needing one (1) CP Piston SC 7028 75.5mm 9:1 for my build. I appreciate your help.


    mitchwbr ·
    Hey I was messaging you in regards to A clutch. I need something that will hold about 175 ft lbs. nothing more, my budget is $200 are you able to recomend something?
    Dirtyrican987 ·
    do you guys still carry action clutch's? i need a action disc but already have a pressure plate thats brand new and cant seem to find anywhere selling them separatly. is that something you can do? im looking for a 2md disc
    psjones13 ·
    Hey I just saw that you're from Johnson City. That's awesome, I live in Jonesborough. This is corny sounding but are you a business or a person? lol Only asking because you're a sponsor. Where at in JC are you?
    T-MacK ·
    Have you tried Costco for your RE11's?
    I don't know about the States but in Canada they have RE11's in stock 24/7 there.
    Staypuff578 ·
    Cool beans, thanks again for being understanding. I shoulda included a pre-filled out shipping label so you could sent it to me overnight.
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