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  • coasttime ·
    LMAO! Thanks for the tip! I just put it all back together with DX internals, I have oil in it and it works great. The LSD is great no grinding, scratching noises etc. I am getting her tuned next week or later today.
    coasttime ·
    Can I swap the DX internals into the SI trans that you built. I don't know if you seen it but I fried the shit out of it. So I want to still use the LSD that is why I am trying to swap the gears. Any help would be great! Thanks!
    the hoove ·
    I agree. It just shows that when you wanna post something on Obama You get shut down. it also proves that some of the Mods are blatant Liberals and dont want their Messiah to be brought down to size. rep for you buddy.
    grandtheftlunchbox ·
    it's pretty pathetic that they closed your thread about the Obama birth. personally i'm really glad you posted that link... i'm posting it on facebook as we speak. but i guess some people just don't care about our roots anymore. sad man, just sad.
    sxysweed ·
    Ron Paul & Sasha Baron Cohen (Bruno) - YouTube

    I know it's low quality, but how could you support someone that's so hostile towards gays?
    Lol. :p I'm waiting for the media to pull this out against him.
    beanbandit ·
    hey thanks for the rep man... tried to send you some back but apparently i need to spread more around... as for our 600 cc friend... how's the old saying go about opinion and assholes... everyone has one lmao
    T-MacK ·
    To much rep returned in the last 24hrs.
    I'll hit you up eventually.
    And next time I rape a n00b for being a liar/dumbass don't take it so personal. I just love exsposing shit talkers that tell me there beating type-r's with a d15B and a short-ram as there only mod. lol.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Hah! No problem, man. I want a hatch to add to the fleet so bad. Can't find one around here for the right price. People are over-pricing ones that have BAD rust all over the wheel wells and undersides. Ridiculous.
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