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  • Staypuff578 ·
    No joke, I have this little story in my head right now that he's sitting in front of a computer with some like bandana over his face and a gun in one hand screaming and yelling at the computer while vigorously using the word "nigga". ROFL, oh jesus, these crazy stories I come up with. Silly forum thugs.
    Staypuff578 ·
    No joke, I LOL'd when he was talking about fucking more cali girls and having la tattoo'd accross his throat. He says it like we are gonna log out and go cry.
    Staypuff578 ·
    Sweet jesus this guy is something else. I made one serious post, then followed up to his most recent "i'm a faggot wannabe gangsta". You'll probably get a good laugh.
    Staypuff578 ·
    I see, sadly the sun is up and it's already 80 degrees here in the south! lol.

    It took his second post for me to neg rep him, and the one where he talks about killing a cat to report him. One more and i'm going for his IP address, why you ask? You really don't want to know. LMAO!
    T-MacK ·
    Yeah its out already.
    Played it 2 nights a'go at my buddys place. Graphics are'nt quite as crisp as COD but the game intensity and "urban" enviroment is what I found made the game what it was. Definetly worth buying, we never went online and there was only 6 chapters? Seems kind of short?
    And I hear you dad 24/7 bro. lol.
    Staypuff578 ·
    Quick question, how do I find out what rear disc I have on my car? Or do they all have the same size rotors/pads or whatever?

    I have my front rotors/pads waiting to go on, and want to do the rear at the same time, just need to figure out what rotors/pads I need :/
    T-MacK ·
    Fucking hillarious!
    Im pretty sure im good at finding them between 7:30-9am, this is usually my n00b kill session time.
    Staypuff578 ·
    You see this fucking guy? Arrogance much?

    It's in that one thread with the "new guy diving head first"

    "Mostly stock, you hit the nail on the head. No reason for a sub-11second car in Delaware to drive to LA (or even halfway) to line up against a 14sec .

    And your buddy did not have an 03 goat. Unless he is Jim Wangers or John DeLorean."
    Sammo115 ·
    Yeah, I figured cause I went and looked for it myself and O_O. Not within the price range. HAHAHA.

    Oh hey remember I was telling you I keep on having a CEL for my Iacv? And that you said something about bleeding the coolant of bubbles. How do you go off to do that again? LOL
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