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  • Chrisfrom1986 ·
    Hey dude whats up, which place was this again? I just got laid off and not too far away from getting my license, let me know whats up.
    Egwhite ·
    Sup man. Saw you ran the crower stage 2 and just came across this:
    Honda d16 Crower stage 2 camshaft
    What kinda power did you put down? im looking at 400-450whp in the future
    honda_couped16y8 ·
    yeah still got that one. also got a 96 silver coupe. with f22 swap in it. runs torquey as hell. no traction in first gear even without launching it. lol. gonna turbo it soon. need a s14 turbo if not then a gt3071r turbo. trying to hit the high12's with stock internals lol. ill let you know when im finished. prob like about 3 months from today.
    honda_couped16y8 ·
    mines is ok just trying to piece up my fully built cp with eagle combo and researching on it about how to put them in correctly and just the complex engine building stuff. But my cousin is going to aid me on the engine build so i am pretty lucky i hope.
    honda_couped16y8 ·
    hope everything works out with that setup and cant wait to see the new paint job. so how did the old setup go and what were you whp numbers. i might buy a bottom end w/ forged 9.2:1 gold pistons(forgot the name of them but there gold), and h-beam eagle rods, arp head studs, metal head gasket all for $400 only. It use to be my tuners old setup but he is done with it and is moving onto a f22 swap. So the meeting is either april 18 or 19 right?
    honda_couped16y8 ·
    honestly i would not mind going but my car is not all that great to be going to a meet. i mean there are like grip of better cars and mines is on stock internal only not much of a hit it i go w/ just stock internals. lol but i live in fresno and love single cammers so i have to excuse to go unless ugly work stops me from it. but i will do my best to attend
    Hugo Boost ·
    Hey Bro did you get my pm ???

    I got your money, please hit me back with your ppal, address again

    And thanks for the wait.
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