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  • Bizzel ·
    Hey man, I literary joined d series to.get up with you. I'm planning to do an f20b wagovan and while searching google I came accoss you build. My questions are other than bore the block to 86mm did you have to do.anything else to the bottom end to get it together? I found the list of what you used, I'm thinking of using k24a3 pistons to raise the compression to 9.7.1. And did you stock Honda k rings? Lastly, how's she holding up?
    jdmf20b ·
    hey whats up with your f20b ive looked and looked and looked i can not find anyone who boosted this and talked about im hoping you will can you please let me know cuz i really want to boost mine
    LoveMy92Hatch ·
    hey bro im goin on with that f2b swap so i was wondering if their was any hints or help you can give that would be great.! thanks and the thread is under GET 'ER DONE if you wanted to check out my progress.

    much appreciated
    mindless ·
    Yeah it's def tough to dd your project car. I finally learned that lesson about 2 years ago when I bought that prelude. Wish I knew you would have taken it b/c I would have saved it for you.
    mindless ·
    No I mean the actual ZC service manual. It's not hard to find. Hold on I'll get you a link and it will show you how to adjust the valves.
    96EKdowork ·
    im using an digital boost and vac gauge, im not sure how to check my valves so until i can get someone to do that im tryin to keep it simple before i get all complicated with it... the chip is a neptune basemap from j-k-tuning no wideband...
    mindless ·
    Negative on the vc. Did you adjust the valves? I would go back and recheck them. Do you have a wideband? What chip? Is the chip known to be good. My motor is acting so funny. It was doing the same shit. Would start, idle fine but pull shitty vacuum (about) and die. Was fucking with it and idk what I did but it started and ran fine and pulled awesome vacuum (like 20). Then it started being a bastard again and I haven't messed with it since.

    What gauge are you using for boost/vacuum?
    mindless ·
    Yeah compression was fine. IIRC it was approx 150 psi give or take across all four. Leakdown was good too.

    What's wrong?
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