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  • slo_eg8 ·
    I paid je for new rings and paid extra to have them sent out within 3 days (iirc) and the part arrived in tampa same day it should have been at my house, but due to a storm in Kentucky, they told me the part was delayed. je refused to refund me the shipping, because in stead of expedited, it was 5 days later anyway.
    jungldbll ·
    Holy shit, yeah, long time no see. I think I might be needing some help with tuning, You still doin it, right?
    sleepingciv ·
    you hook up mid bass drivers to them and they take the highs out, hook up tweets to them and they take out the bass

    blank cds are for burning music lol jk
    sleepingciv ·
    lol there 2 digital audio X overs, for mid tweets and stuff, and 2 blank cds. hope this works for ya man

    ones on the right
    remoer ·
    ah i see was looking into the same thing you did. but it's cool i can wait till i finish in school to do it..
    sorry bout your 1st build , i saw the pics man ouch! thats why my car is multicolored tho, same kind of shit. ...

    p.s. if you stop messin w/ them crackhead hoes, chasin em down thru traffic & shit in jacksonville, shit like that wont happen! pic them hoes up on the corner man.

    happy 4th man. drink one for all my fallen comrades.
    yeh i know "technically" its an EJ2!? can i @ least pretend to be JDM damnit?!

    im gonna change it just for you.

    you dont let anybody have any fun!

    and yes, PLENTY or sarcasm... is there ANY OTHER WAY?!
    aww man its kool, ill just attach the motor to your moms, heard she needed a new motor anyways after all the miles she put in on the "stroll"....

    i think i should still be able to get to work.
    You dumb ass im on a phone & in a diff time zone. For instance it says im posting/ editing this @ 1230 yet its 330 where I am.

    That's why the post came in so late, but I posted it originally after you posted the picture 1st.

    But before you said anything about "weld consistency"...

    My phone froze while making the post, thus making it even later.

    Awww, im sorry you felt like being a douche instead of asking what the fuck was goin on, because clearly my post is waaaay out of place and itd be dumb for me to post the shit after you spoke about the welding bro. So get your panties out of a bunch man.

    Secondly, having been to Iraq, watchin my 2 of my best friends die & secluded in Alaska for the past 3 years, my sense of "humor" is way different than many people on the D.

    A lot of the things I post are meant to be satirical(funny), unless it is on a serious topic or discussion. Im sorry im not all up-tight & cocky w/ a stick up my ass like some of the others, cuz hell I could die in 3 mins, and who wants to be remembered as a snobby douche? So I bring laughter to the table.

    Have you ever seen me relay any bad information to anyone?


    Have you ever seen me be deliberately rude to, or down anyone for no reason?


    (So why did you neg rep me & call me an idiot again?... OH! Because YOU didn't cover YOUR OWN ASS intially & include the fact that YOU were looking @ the welds, and not the overall design or color of the product, and jt hurt your little feelings that I quoted you... soo... who's the idiot now?)

    Me & Taylor damn near wanted each other to die! And we didn't neg rep each other! So save your lil' explanation next time, and do you.

    Hahahaha! This is the 1st time I've been negged on some gay as shit!

    So even tho you negged me on some bitch shit that could've easily been resolved, im not the type of person to do that gay shit back.

    Your lil fagget ass 5 points don't mean shit no way, I already made 120 from stand up guys anyways since that lil gay shit you pulled dude.

    Oh?! And what the fuck is wrong w/ my build thread?

    That's all accurate information.... got some typos that need fixin, but yet again IM ON THE PHONE.
    Sos in conclusion, im sorry you feel that way, use a tampon & get @ me in the morning.

    Good day friend!
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