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  • SeanShine ·

    I saw a old forum post that you started way back in 2010. You were looking for OEM terminals and connectors to build your own wiring harness. I also would like to build my own wiring harness for a custom build that I am doing. I was wondering were you get your terminals and connectors from.

    Thanks! SeanShine.
    jimmyjet10 ·
    Greetings 2jzdreamin,

    Your name was brought up in a forum that I started where I was asking some help about wiring. They said you were the Wiring God on the site. I was curious if you might be ablet to shead some of your light on to my post.

    My 2002 Honda Civic LX and the head gasket blew. I bought a used Japanese motor (D17a) to swap in woooo VTEC. I am using my original LX wiring harness, and I bought a Civic EX ECU. I need some help locating where some extra wires go.

    Thanks for any help in advance, Jimmy
    D16y7/z6 ·
    hi say i have 98 civic d16y7 i recently had someone do the obd1 conversion and do a z6 head and a y8 intake manifold and when i got it back it barely idles there a Cel the pcv hose is taped to the tb cable is that suppose to go somewhere and there only one hose on the evap container.....i can send pics if needed
    slo_eg8 ·
    whats your limit on wiring? like, would you do a custom in-cabin harness with certain things deleted?
    de.abeja ·
    Cost shipped for harness to 92025 on a 2000 civic hatch currently obd2b GSR swap running on obd2a ecu with jumper harness. so OBD2b engine and car with OBD2a ecu. Want basically a tucked oem harness.
    Honda818 ·
    So ive seen you all over this page and you know your shit well so i was wondering if you think i can make 400hp on a boyar built z6 with stock head on 91 oct?
    EF'n Kyle ·
    Hey I was wondering what plugs you used in your firewall in the factory wiring harness location. I thought you mentioned in your build thread. Couldn't find it tho.
    Oso ·
    Had the color wrong In Chilton Honda 1996-00 repair manual section 2-5 Shows TEC Dist fig 11 YEL/GRN this plugs into ICM
    JDM Civic ·
    Hi I was reading through your build on the d16z6. I know that it was from 2010-2011 but do you have a part number for the fitting you used to delete the pcv valve on the back. I want to use a AN fitting and not have the black box. Thanks!
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